cfp – CFP

Call for Papers - ABHS Torbet Prize

Blog of NABPR This prize was established by ABHS in honor of Robert G. Torbet to encourage development of young scholars in the field of Baptist history studies, thus the work of emerging scholars will be especially considered. Read More ›

cfp – FINAL

2024 Joint Meeting FINAL Program

Blog of NABPR View the 2024 Joint meeting FINAL Program Read More ›

meeting – DRAFT

2024 Joint Meeting Draft Program

View the 2024 Joint meeting Draft Program Read More ›

postdoc – NABPR Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna Wells, NABPR PostDoc, Central Seminary

Blog of NABPR In cooperation with the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion (NABPR), Central Seminary is pleased to welcome Anna Wells as a Visiting Fellow in August 2024. Read More ›

dissertation – Dissertation Scholarship Award Recipient

Samuel Still, Dissertation Scholarship Award Recipient

Blog of NABPR We congratulate Samuel Still, a doctoral candidate in Theology at the University of Exeter (UK). Sam was selected by the Dissertation Scholarship Committee and awarded the 2024 prize. Read More ›