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Perspectives in Religious Studies

The backbone of the NABPR is its publications. Since 1973 the Association has published the journal, Perspectives in Religious Studies (PRSt) (which has been quarterly since 1974). How to Submit a Manuscript to PRSt.

In 1990 and 1995 the Association collaborated with Mercer University Press to produce two very successful reference volumes for students of the Bible. The Mercer Dictionary of the Bible and the Mercer Commentary on the Bible are the crowning achievements in publication to date for the Association.

Since 1996 R. Scott Nash has been the Senior Editor for the Association, overseeing all of the publication projects.” To “From 1996-2018, R. Scott Nash served as Senior Editor for the Association, overseeing all of the publication projects. In May, 2018, Dr. Nash was succeeded by Dr. Mikeal Parsons of Baylor University.

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Mercer Dictionary of the Bible

Watson E. Mills, general editor

The Mercer Dictionary of the Bible includes more than 1,000 pages of original materials relating to every aspect of biblical studies. The 1,450 articles are written by members of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. It contains 64 pages of four-color maps, charts, and photographs and 156 black-and-white illustrations throughout the text. An outline of each canonical books is also available in this volume.

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Mercer Commentary on the Bible

Watson E. Mills & Richard F. Wilson, general editors This one-volume commentary on the entire Bible distinguishes itself as a leading work in biblical studies. It is the first one-volume commentary based on the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. It covers the complete Bible, including the apocryphal/deutercanonical books. The Mercer Commentary includes introductory articles on the nature of Scripture, its interpretation, and its role in theology and church. The intended audience is students engaged in Bible study, ministers seeking clear and concise treatment of texts, and laypersons involved in personal and group study; the Mercer Commentary should also be helpful for professionals in various theological disciplines.

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Perspectives on Baptist Identities

The National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion & Mercer University Press proudly announce a new partnership for the NABPR series on Perspectives on Baptist Identities.

The National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion is proud to join with Mercer University Press in the creation of a new academic series. Perspectives on Baptist Identities will explore the rapidly evolving questions of identity that press upon those who call themselves Baptist in the twenty-first century:  What does it mean to be Baptist? What does the future hold for Baptists? How does the Baptist tradition relate to the global Church and other ecclesial traditions? How does Baptist identity impact Scripture reading and Christian practice? The series hopes to generate significant scholarly research and engender fruitful and lively conversation among various types of Baptists and non-Baptists.

Mercer University Press has long proven its commitment to Baptist studies, especially through the successful James N. Griffith Endowed Series in Baptist Studies. And now, Perspectives on Baptist Identities will expand and enhance the conversation, bringing together diverse fields such as biblical studies, theology, history, and sociology. Questions of identity, denominationalism, scriptural hermeneutics, catholicity, history and future loom large in the minds of NABPR members. Consider a few recent titles: Steven Harmon, Baptist Identity and the Ecumenical Future (2016); Paul Fiddes, Baptists and the Communion of Saints (2014); Curtis Freeman, Contested Catholicity (2014); Keith Harper ed., Through a Glass Darkly: Contested Notions of Baptist Identity (2012); David Cohen and Michael Parsons, eds., Beyond 400: Exploring Baptist Futures(2011); Helen Dare and Simon Woodman eds., The “Plainly Revealed” Word of God? Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice (2011); David Bebbington, Baptists Through the Centuries (2010); Beth Allison Barr, Bill Leonard, Mikeal Parsons, Douglas Weaver, eds., The Acts of the Apostles: Four Centuries of Baptist Interpretation (2009); Douglas Weaver, In Search of the New Testament Church (2008).

Recent Volumes in The Perspectives on Baptist Identities Series

Submission Guidelines for Perspectives on Baptist Identities

The NABPR in conjunction with Mercer University Press is calling for proposals for the series, Perspectives on Baptist Identities. Proposals accepted for publication will be granted a $1,000 stipend upon completion of the manuscript.

Please submit proposals for book length contributions to the series editors: Dr. Adam English and/or Dr. Alicia Myers Either monograph proposals or promising collections of essays will be considered. The proposal should include:

  1. The title of the proposed volume.
  2. A 250 word book summary.  The summary should identify the project’s subject, thesis, method, scope, limitations, and potential significance.
  3. An annotated Table of Contents, that is, the chapter titles plus a two or three sentence description of each chapter.
  4. An estimate of the work already completed and a proposed completion date.
  5. A sample chapter from the book.
  6. Four or five comparable titles and an identification of the target audience of the book.
  7. A current CV, listing education, all academic and professional positions, and major academic publications.

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