Books of Interest – New Book

Cut in Stone: Confederate Monuments and Theological Disruption

Blog of NABPR Confederate monuments figure prominently as epicenters of social conflict...The story, told through the character of a religious mythos, carries implicit sacred convictions; thus, these spires and statues are inherently theological. Read More ›

announcements – Annual Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting cancelled

Blog of NABPR I’m sad to announce that we will cancel our May 18-20 Annual Meeting. Read More ›

Books of Interest – Perspectives on Baptist Identities

New Book: Sources of Light: Resources for Baptist Churches Practicing Theology

Blog of NABPR This book (Sources of Light) commends listening deeply to these voices as an ecclesial practice through which the Spirit of God enlightens the church of Christ, whose rule draws the church into deeper participation in the life of the Triune God, forming the church for practices that offer the gift of Trinitarian communion to a fractured world. Read More ›

Books of Interest – New Book

New Book: Baptists and the Catholic Tradition, 2nd Edition

Blog of NABPR Barry Harvey provides a doctrine of the church that combines Baptist distinctives and origins with an unbending commitment to the visible church as the social body of Christ. Read More ›

Books of Interest – Perspectives on Baptist Identities

New Book: Crawford Howell Toy: the man, the scholar, the teacher

Blog of NABPR Crawford Howell Toy was professor of Old Testament at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1869-1879. In 1879, he was forced to resign from the Seminary over his views of evolution. In 1880, he was hired by Harvard University as the Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages. Parsons narrates Toy's life in two parts. Read More ›