A Proposal for Baylor University Press and the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion/Perspectives in Religious Studies

Background and Executive Summary

After twenty years of faithful service as Senior Editor of NABPR Publications, Dr. Scott Nash informed the PRSt editorial board last summer (2017) of his decision to relinquish that role in summer, 2018. We will honor Scott for his significant contributions to PRSt and NABPR publications at our meeting at Gardner-Webb in a few days.

We must also make new arrangements for the publication and distribution of the journal. With Scott’s departure, we also lose Mercer University’s generous institutional support in the production and distribution of PRSt, as well as housing the backlist inventory of the journal.

In consultation with Carey Newman, Director of Baylor University Press, the NABPR Executive Committee and PRSt editorial board propose that Baylor University Press assume all operational activities for Perspectives in Religious Studies, beginning with the fall issue of 2018. The main points of the proposed agreement include:

Financial. The cost of printing and distribution will shift to Baylor University Press (BUP). BUP will receive all revenues, beginning with the first journal issue produced by BUP. BUP will pay $1,500 to NABPR annually. BUP will absorb all costs of inventory. BUP will have the power to set institutional subscription fees and will manage library collections; NABPR retains jurisdiction over individual membership dues; individual membership to the NABPR will not be considered for determining_PRSt_ revenue, while institutional/library membership will.  PRSt will retain its current assets (including the publications endowment).

Journal Content. _The _PRSt editors and publication board will continue to have exclusive jurisdiction over the academic content of the journal and will manage all correspondence between prospective contributors and authors.

The Baylor University Press Faculty Advisory Committee has given provisional approval of the agreement (pending NABPR approval). The NABPR Executive Committee and PRSt Editorial Board jointly and unanimously recommend this proposal for approval by the NABPR members meeting at Gardner-Webb University on May 22, 2018.

Update: May 31, 2018

Announcing the new partnership between NABPR and Baylor University Press.

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