Announcing NABPR Forum

Good Afternoon NABPR:

As you are probably aware, we will vote on a Constitutional amendment at our Annual Meeting in May. The amendment pertains to public statements made on behalf of the NABPR.

Adam has set up a discussion forum on this topic. You can read the amendment, ask questions, or make comments.

In order to participate, please register at Once we ensure that the person signing-up is a member of NABPR, Adam will enable the account.

There are two screenshots below to assist. The first shows you where the Register button is, and the second shows you where the Constitutional amendment thread is located.

If you have questions, please let me know: [email protected].

Danny Mynatt
Executive Secretary

How to signup for NABPR Forum (

  • go to
  • click on register in the top right corner
  • signup with your email
  • your registration will then be confirmed by Adam DJ Brett with Joyce Swoveland to ensure you are a current NABPR dues paying member. Below are some screenshots to assist with the process.
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