NABPR Newsletter – Winter, 2004

From the Executive Secretary

Danny Mynatt (Anderson College)

Two Items Left Over from the National Meeting

NABPR Placement Service

At the national meeting, I announced that we would ATTEMPT to form a NABPR placement website. This idea has its roots in the lamenting which has gone on for several years now that NABPR has no integrated placement mechanism to help us promote promising young scholars and teachers, frequently our former students, who are interested in teaching at the institutions represented by our membership. So the NABPR Executive Committee has given permission to Jimmy Byrd and me to explore how such a placement service might work. I say “ATTEMPT” because we are trying to fill what we perceive as a void in NABPR institutional life; however, if the support doesn’t materialize, we will report that finding at our next national meeting. In the meantime, here is what I would like for each member to do:

1-Do you know young scholars seeking jobs or soon to be on the job search, scholars whom you believe would fit well in our member institutions? Do you have former students who are ending their degree programs, students that you know well and would like to help? If so, please refer them to Jimmy at [email protected]. Specifically, we will ask them to send us a vita for posting on our website. If we get no resumes, this attempt will fail before it starts. So please get the word out. Incidentally, all persons posting a resume on our site MUST be members of NABPR, but we can take care of that when they contact Jimmy.

2-Do you have a job opening on your faculty? If so, please forward the ad to Jimmy, who will post it on the website.

3-Are you part of a search committee? If so, please use the website to identify possible candidates for your opening.

2)Dues Payment by Credit Card

CSSR will now take dues payments by credit card. You can charge your dues either by calling the CSSR office or mailing in the dues payment form with the appropriate information. The membership renewal form is now available online in either PDF or Word format. Be advised that charging your dues by credit card will incur a $4 service charge.

In the coming year, I will be talking with CSSR about setting up an automatic dues renewal via credit card, much like you can do with your AAR/SBL dues. But in the meantime, please be aware of the existing credit card service.

In the Spring Newsletter, I will write to you about the impending AAR/SBL divorce and its impact on NABPR. If you have a good idea regarding how to resolve this problem, I would love to hear from you.

Danny Mynatt

NEW! Online Forum for Perspectives in Religious Studies

Perspectives in Religious Studies now has an online forum where readers can comment on PRS articles. A form is posted on the PRS website that readers can use to submit comments to authors and receive responses on the web. The web address is The forum button is on the top right of the header.


Minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia
22 November 2003

The twenty-third annual meeting of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion was called to order by President Bill Leonard. Danny Mynatt, Executive Secretary, gave greetings and acknowledged the planning of Bill Leonard for the Meeting. Lloyd Allen presented the 2003 Festschrift in honor of E. Glenn Hinson, who was unable to attend. Nancy deClaisse-Walford introduced President Bill Leonard for the Presidential Address, “Changing a Theology: Baptists and Globalism, Then and Now.” At the conclusion of the address, Leonard opened the floor for questions and comments from the Association, which were moderated by Nancy deClaisse-Walford. Nancy deClaisse-Walford introduced presenters for a discussion on Andrew Linzey’s book, Animal Theology. Presenting were Mark McIntire, David May, and Sally Smith Holt.

At 11:00, President Bill Leonard convened the annual business session. The 2002 minutes were approved. Executive Secretary Danny Mynatt gave the Executive Committee report, noting that dues were down 20% and the endowment was up 20% for the year. Mynatt also proposed an NABPR employment web page to which student members could submit CVs. NABPR faculty could also use the page to announce openings. Leonard then offered the nominations of Nancy deClaisse-Walford for president and Mikeal Parsons for vice president of the Association for 2004. There was no opposition, and the nominees were elected by unanimous vote. Leonard then recognized Russell Gregory, chair of the Editorial Board, for the report of the board. Gregory noted that Perspectives in Religious Studies_was back on schedule, and presented a volume of special studies on _Baptist Ordination. Leonard then recognized Robert Nash for the report of the Editorial Board Nominating Committee. Nash announced that the new members of the editorial board were John Sykes (Wingate), James D Nogalski (Gardner-Webb), Lydia Norfleet-Day (Beeson), and Kimlyn J. Bender (Sioux Falls). The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Jimmy Byrd, Vanderbilt University



Steven R. Harmon (Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Campbell University Divinity School, Buies Creek, North Carolina) has published Every Knee Should Bow: Biblical Rationales for Universal Salvation in Early Christian Thought (University Press of America, 2003).

Michael D. Robinson published The Storms of Providence: Navigating the Waters of Calvinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism (University Press of America, 2003)

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