NABPR Newsletter – Spring, 2003

Update on Perspectives in Religious Studies

Mikeal C. Parsons (Baylor University)
Editor, Perspectives in Religious Studies

Exciting things are happening with Perspectives in Religious Studies, the journal of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. First, with the help of many different people, we are making great progress in getting the journal back on track in its production schedule. Baylor University has been extremely generous in its support of the journal and various members of the NABPR have given unselfishly of their time over the past four months. Two editorial assistants, Chad Hartsock and Jason Whitlark, both Baylor Ph.D. students, have worked tirelessly at copyediting manuscripts to produce camera ready articles. Mrs. Debi Talley, a Baylor Administrative Assistant, has assumed many duties related to the journal as part of her job description. Ralph Wood, Richard Vinson, and Beth Newman are making a seamless transition in the division of labors for the Book Review Editors. And, of course, Scott Nash remains the steady rock for all NABPR publication projects. Four issues have gone to press this spring and should be in members’ hands by mid-summer. The issues cover topics such as the New Testament and Ancient Novels, Ordination in the Baptist Tradition (a double issue), and Baptists and Creeds. Two “open” issues with interpretive essays on the work of Frank Stagg, Eduard Schweizer, and Stanley Grenz, as well as contributions by David Garland, Molly Marshall, and Roger Olson will be forthcoming very soon. God willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, the journal should be back on schedule with the Spring, 2004 issue.

In order to keep the journal on track, the editorial staff needs the help of NABPR members. First, we need NABPR members to consider publishing their work in Perspectives. In order to insure a consistently high quality of journal articles, it is imperative that we get all members of the society, senior and junior scholars, faculty and graduate students, behind the journal. Send us your own essays and encourage colleagues to submit their work to PRS. We cannot guarantee that we will publish everything submitted to us, but we can guarantee that we won’t publish what we don’t receive!

To facilitate the submission and review process, we are pleased to announce that Perspectives now has its own web page, accessible at Instructions for Contributors, email addresses for the current editorial staff and board, and journal subscription information are available on the website. In addition, Contributors will be able to submit manuscripts on-line, which will streamline the review process. Eventually, visitors to the website will be able to access the table of contents to back issues and preview upcoming issues, dialogue with contributors, and connect to links of related sites of interest. We welcome any suggestions that will improve the appearance and function of the website; it is an on-going ‘project under construction.’

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the journal and NABPR in this capacity. I look forward to working the NABPR to continue the now thirty-year commitment of Perspectives to the free and faithful expression of academically responsible scholarship in the various theological disciplines.

Gossip, Shameless Self-Promotion, and the NABPR Newsletter

Danny Mynatt (Anderson College)

Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the NABPR

Our first edition of an electronic version of NABPR News appears to have been a success. We had several positive responses, and we also were able to improve our email database through members contacting us with updated information. We will probably send out postcards again for one more upcoming newsletter, reminding our members of the new format.

Also, don’t forget that you can check newsletter archives by accessing the NABPR website.

We are constantly in search of news about our members for the FYI section of the newsletter. In the past, we have pleaded with members not to be modest; if they had some promotion or publication or other noteworthy event in their lives, they should submit it to the newsletter. That strategy was a dismal failure. So now I am asking you to rat out your friends. If you know of something that should be in our Newsletter about a friend or colleague, send it to Jimmy. If our professional sense of modesty will not allow us to brag on ourselves, perhaps our Baptist disposition to gossip will kick in. And don’t worry; we’ll ask for permission before we print anything.

Forum on Separate Meetings of the AAR/SBL

Jimmy Byrd (Vanderbilt University)

Assistant Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the NABPR

As you probably know, the AAR Board of Directors recently decided that the AAR will meet separately from the SBL beginning in 2008. This decision holds major ramifications for the NABPR annual meeting. While many NABPR members hold memberships in both the AAR and the SBL, I suspect that most of us are members in either the AAR or the SBL, not both. Beginning in 2008, therefore, we will no longer have a national meeting that unites our members.

It is not too early for members to speak out on this change and its implications for our association. I propose that we feature an open forum in upcoming issues of the newsletter to express reactions, opinions, and ideas on this issue. Consider this your invitation to speak out on the decision to hold separate meetings, and the possible ways in which the NABPR could rise to meet the challenge.

Please send your responses to my address: [email protected]. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts on this important issue.

Annual Meeting of the Region at Large

May 29-June 1, 2003

The 2003 meeting of the Region at Large of the National Association of Baptists Professors of Religion will be held at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our meeting will be held once again concurrently with the College Theological Society (CTS). The theme for the meeting is “Spirit, Church, the World.” Among the plenary speakers will be Robert J. Schreiter, C.PP.S. from The Catholic Theological Union and The Catholic University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, Bernd J. Hilberath from the University of Tübingen, Germany, and Jamie T. Phelps, O.P. from Loyola University, IL.

We are inviting members of various Baptist fellowships, conventions and bodies to participate in wide-ranging discussion.

Joint sessions with CTS are planned in the areas of Contemporary Theology. One of those joint sessions will be a discussion of Amos Yong’s (Bethel College) Spirit-Word-Community: Theological Hermeneutics in Trinitarian Perspective. Other NABPR sessions include Theology and Literature, Scripture (Old Testament), Historical Theology, Theology and Ethics.

For more information regarding registration, housing, and program schedule visit the CTS website at

FYI: Member News

Charles H. Talbert, Distinguished Professor of Religion, Baylor University, is author of: Reading Luke-Acts in its Mediterranean Milieu (Supplements to Novum Testamentum 107; Brill, 2003) and Reading Corinthians (revised edition; Smyth & Helwys, 2003).

Position Opening: Spiritual Formation Coordinator

Samford University seeks a Spiritual Formation Coordinator to be employed through the Theological Exploration of Vocation (TEV) grant from the Lilly Foundation. Term of position will be from August 2003 – May 2007, with possible continuance of position through institutional funding. Minimum education: Master of Divinity or Christian Education from an accredited seminary or divinity school. Doctoral degree preferred but not required. Experience in spiritual formation of students desired. Must minister effectively to students, faculty, and staff. Must be able to connect readily and effectively with today’s undergraduate students. Must have skills in administration, programming, outreach, and public address. Coordinator will work approximately 1/5 time in faculty and staff development, 1/5 time in student programs, and 3/5 time in student ministry. Must exhibit strong commitment to the overall TEV program. Must be able to: coordinate spiritual formation and prayer groups; facilitate vocational development of students, faculty, and staff through programs that will address the integration of faith and profession; oversee ministerial student placement and ministerial student organization. Qualified applicants should send a resume along with a cover letter expressing their motivation and suitability for the position to:

Dr. James Barnette
Minister to the University
Samford University
Birmingham, AL 35229-2215

Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Institution and welcomes applications for employment and educational programs from all individuals regardless of race, color, sex, age, disability or national or ethnic origin.

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