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Melanie Trexler’s forthcoming book

Evangelizing Lebanon – Melanie Trexler

via: http://www.baylorpress.com/Book/482/Evangelizing_Lebanon.html
via: http://www.baylorpress.com/Book/482/Evangelizing_Lebanon.html

Evangelizing Lebanon

A note from Dr. Danny Mynatt:

Greetings NABPR:
I received this today from Melanie Trexler:
“I wanted to share some good news with NABPR: My book, Evangelizing Lebanon: Baptists, Missions, and the Question of Cultures, is available from Baylor University Press starting on September 15. Since the book focuses on the Southern Baptist Mission to Lebanon from 1923–2011, I thought NABPR may be interested in it.”

Melanie was the 2012 winner of the NABPR Dissertation Scholarship Award.

Danny Mynatt

Book information

Title: Evangelizing Lebanon: Baptists, Missions, and the Question of Cultures
Author: Melanie Trexler
ISBN: 9781481302593 (worldcat)(amazon)
Publisher: Baylor University Press

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