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The National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion is a community of teaching scholars. Most members teach at Baptist-affiliated schools, colleges, and seminaries, but members also hail from a wide range of institutions in the United States, Canada, and abroad, including church-related and state-supported schools.
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NABPR Annual Meeting – 2003

Minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia  

22 November 2003 

The twenty-third annual meeting of the National Association of Baptist Professors of

Religion was called to order by President Bill Leonard. Danny Mynatt, Executive

Secretary, gave greetings and acknowledged the planning of Bill Leonard for the


Lloyd Allen presented the 2003 Festschrift in honor of E. Glenn Hinson, who

was unable to attend. Nancy deClaisse-Walford introduced President Bill Leonard for the

Presidential Address, “Changing a Theology: Baptists and Globalism, Then and Now.”

At the conclusion of the address, Leonard opened the floor for questions and comments

from the Association, which were moderated by Nancy deClaisse-Walford. Nancy

deClaisse-Walford introduced presenters for a discussion on Andrew Linzey’s book,

Animal Theology. Presenting were Mark McIntire, David May, and Sally Smith Holt.

At 11:00, President Bill Leonard convened the annual business session. The 2002

minutes were approved. Executive Secretary Danny Mynatt gave the Executive

Committee report, noting that dues were down 20% and the endowment was up 20% for

the year. Mynatt also proposed an NABPR employment web page to which student

members could submit CVs. NABPR faculty could also use the page to announce

openings. Leonard then offered the nominations of Nancy deClaisse-Walford for

president and Mikeal Parsons for vice president of the Association for 2004. There was

no opposition, and the nominees were elected by unanimous vote. Leonard then

recognized Russell Gregory, chair of the Editorial Board, for the report of the board.

Gregory noted that Perspectives in Religious Studies was back on schedule, and

presented a volume of special studies on Baptist Ordination. Leonard then recognized

Robert Nash for the report of the Editorial Board Nominating Committee. Nash

announced that the new members of the editorial board were John Sykes (Wingate),

James D Nogalski (Gardner-Webb), Lydia Norfleet-Day (Beeson), and Kimlyn J. Bender

(Sioux Falls). The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Jimmy Byrd, Vanderbilt University