NABPR Annual Meeting – 2000

Nashville, Tennessee 18 November 2000 9:00-11:30 am

The twentieth annual meeting of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion was called to order by President Glen Stassen. A moment of silence was observed remembering the passing of former Presidents of the NABPR, John Newport and James McClendon, and former members William Estep, Al Collins, Thomas Lea, and Carl Whirley.

Richard F. Wilson, Executive Secretary, gave greetings and acknowledged the planning of Glen Stassen for the Meeting. Wilson also gave brief remarks on the accomplishments of the Association in its twenty-year history.

Michael Broadway presented the 2000 Festschrift in honor of James McClendon. Dr. Thomas McClendon accepted the Festschrift on behalf of his father. Dr. McClendon thanked the Association for its recognition of his father’s achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service to the Association. Claude Mariottini introduced President Glen Stassen for the Presidential Address, “Baptist Identity for a New Millennium.” At the conclusion of the paper Stassen opened the floor for questions and comments from the Association.

Claude Mariottini introduced presenters for a discussion on “God and the Reality of Suffering.” James Crenshaw began the presentation with reflections on “The Cruel God” in the Old Testament writings. Samuel Balentine followed with a paper entitled “When God is Silent.” Walter Harrelson offered a responded to the papers; members of the Association also joined the discussion.
At 11:00, President Glen Stassen convened the annual business session. The 1999 minutes were approved. Executive Secretary Richard Wilson gave the report from the Executive Committee. The report included four items: (1) the presentation of the financial report, which was printed on the back of the agenda for the meeting, (2) an announcement that the NABPR web site would be on line in early 2001, (3) Wilson’s announcement that he would resign as Executive Secretary/Treasurer at the end of 2002, (4) and a resolution honoring David Scholer for his service as editor of the bibliographic series. The Association accepted the report from the Executive Committee and unanimously endorsed the resolution. Wilson presented a framed copy of the resolution to Scholer.
Stassen recognized James P. Byrd for the recommendation to accept new members to the Association. The meeting unanimously approved the new members who had petitioned for membership during the past year.

Kent Blevins gave the report of the Nominating Committee. The committee nominated Claude Mariottini for President and Molly Marshall for Vice President. The members approved the nominations. Scott Nash gave the report of the Editorial Board. He announced that the board had decided to discontinue the bibliographic series. Nash also called for members to support Perspectives in Religious Studies by submitting manuscripts to the editor, David May.

Richard Wilson brought the report of the Editorial Board Nominating Committee on behalf of the Chair, Mikeal Parsons: Jeff Pool (Brite Divinity School), Rosalee Velloso Ewell (Duke University), and Lawrence Williams (Luther College), all have been named to the board with terms expiring February 2005). Mike Broadway announced that the Region at Large would not meet with the College Theology Society this year because the meeting is scheduled on the West coast. The Region at Large meeting will be June 26-27 at the Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta.

Richard Wilson expressed gratitude to Glen Stassen and Claude Mariottini for their service to the Association in 2000. Following the business session, Glen Stassen reopened discussions on the papers presented by Crenshaw and Balentine. Walter Harrelson moderated the discussion. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am

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